This young Finnish superstar has everyone around the NHL talking and comparing him to Ovechkin, one of the NHL’s best. Patrik Laine was born in 1998 in Tampere, Finland. As a child, he idolized the Washington Capitals’ Alex Ovechkin.

“I watched him a lot when I was younger,” Laine said. “I tried to copy his shot. He also likes to hit people, so I tried to copy that. I just liked watching him and trying to copy some of the things that he does.”

In his first quarter season in the NHL, playing right wing for the Winnipeg Jets, Laine has rose to the top of the league in scoring, in close second place behind Sidney Crosby. Patrik’s stats are closely on par with Ovechkin’s rookie season in 2005-06. Ovechkin had 15 goals and 22 points in his first 21 games with Washington, firing 111 shots on goal. At the same point in time, Laine has 12 goals and 18 points, if managing a neater 57 shots while playing for the Winnipeg Jets.

37 games into their rookie season, Patrik Laine had a shot percentage of 19.2% while Ovechkin had one of 13.1%. The Finnish youngster could either have a more accurate shot or knows where and when to shoot or not to shoot. Some argue that shot percentage is irrelevant because who cares how often someone shoots if it goes in sometimes? But let’s not get into that controversial subject for the diehard hockey community ( but you have to agree that an accurate shot is a good thing 🙂 ).

Bruce Boudreau former coach of the Washington Capitals has remarked on the many similarities in play that Alex Ovechkin and Patrik Laine share. They both know where to go and when to shoot and have those killer shots, quick release and often finds the target.

Although he must be thrilled at the comparison to his idol, Laine wants to make a career for himself and a name for himself. The way he’s going it seems like he’s on the right path to achieving that goal.

“I’m making my own career. I want to focus on my job, which is playing hockey on this team,” Laine said. “I don’t feel pressure from those comparisons.”
Patrik Laine sure seems to have a bright future ahead of him as at only 18 years of age he is relied upon to score on the Jets.
We’ll be sure to stay tuned for the NHL awards this year as Laine could definitely be picking up the Winnipeg Jets first award with the Calder!